What Happened To ALDRI SUR?



What Happened to ALDRI SUR?

At the time of writing this article, it has been 76 days since ALDRI SUR the brand has posted to our Instagram feed, updated our website, advertised across any platform, or sent an email out to our list of customers, friends, and fans. But why? 

The past few months have been a whirlwind of the unexpected. With summer travel, research & development, product prototyping, medical issues, and deep reflection on the core company values of ALDRI SUR - we decided to slow down. 

Medical Misfortune

ALDRI SUR founder Katie Godec is the Head of Operations & Marketing. In late summer of 2022, she underwent what would become the first of 3 separate surgeries for medical complications involving the GI system and quickly followed by unrelated but equally time consuming medical procedures for pre-cancer and a spinal injury which resulted from a driver who struck her stationary car while she was stopped at a red light on her way to (you guessed it) a doctors appointment. For this reason, the day to day operations of ALDRI SUR slowed significantly and allowed time & space for Katie to reflect.  

katie godec smiling on a boat headed through a lake in Swedish lapland 

"I want my products to solve problems." The ethos behind ALDRI SUR has always pushed to support a more inclusive community in outdoor spaces for women, POC, and marginalized groups by creating useful, reusable, planet-friendly items. Most recently, there has been in shift in the way the company will approach product development. 

Upcycled Materials & Intentional Goods

Since the launch of the first ALDRI SUR e-commerce store in 2021, we have offered a custom designed line of 100% upcycled t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets.


For years, founder Katie Godec has frequented second-hand clothing stores throughout the greater Los Angeles area to unearth like-new tops that had been donated or discarded by their previous owners. These shirts and sweaters were rescued, washed, re-designed, photographed, and listed for sale to show the outdoor community that there are stylish and affordable clothing options that do not need to be made from scratch. 


a used blue and black neoprene wetsuit being upzipped for cleaning and prepped for upcycling
Katie has spent much of her downtime while recovering from surgery on broadening the way in which ALDRI SUR works with upcycled materials. As an avid ocean swimmer and swimming coach, Katie has pulled from her wheelhouse of nautical items to feed the inspiration and reinvention of materials that would typically be sent to a landfill. From neoprene repurposed from used swimming & surfing wetsuits to upcycled sailcloth - new product prototypes are finding life and inspiring upcoming product launches that will be hitting the ALDRI SUR store in 2024. 

Expanding Overseas

August 2023 brought some promising distribution options and great feedback from Norway & Sweden.

an excited Norwegian marathon road runner smiling and doing a thumbs up pose to the camera at the 2023 Oslo Marathon finish line while wearing his race bib number, a blue technical t shirt, sports sunglasses and the ALDRI SUR Arna Ultralight Running Cap in Blue 

Despite being a Norwegian-inspired brand, ALDRI SUR is based out of the US. We currently do not have a reliable distribution set-up in Norway or the EU. In August of this year, we were able to visit several locations in Sweden & Norway to bring products to several customers. The feedback we have received is overwhelmingly positive.

In addition to launching an increased number of upcycled products in 2024, we will be officially expanding into Scandinavia.  

ALDRI SUR Needs Your Support Too

As a fully self-funded, 100% female operated small business - ALDRI SUR needs your help. We are unable to scale or put extra resources into product innovation until we have raised more capital. Rather than take out risky, high-interest loans or sell off part of our grassroots company - we prefer to put our profit right back into our growth efforts. All of your purchases will directly fund our upcycled goods and efforts to create a more sustainable future for the outdoor industry. 

4 women doing a high kick on a trail while laughing 

How Can I Help?

You can purchase reusable gifts, upcycled clothing, recycled hats, and more from our online store! Click here to be taken to the "Shop All" page and thank you for your support.



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