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The perfect lid!

Bought them for 3 bada$$ women in my life; my wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law. Great colors, lightweight, low profile; the perfect style and perfect lid. As soon as the line is launched (or she grows into one) I’ll get another for my mighty girl 5 year old granddaughter. And for the record I’d get one myself, I’m just not in the same bada$$ league as these four.

Great hat for all activities

This is a great hat for any workout whether it be running, hiking, or just a casual walk. Very breathable and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this hat if you're looking for an all around and versatile piece of head wear.


I use on a daily basis for going to gym and then for work. It’s a great pack and fits all my stuff perfectly.

My go to trail running hat

Cool, and comfy hat that is perfect for my style of hiking/trail running. I'll wear it until there is nothing left. Which so far appears like it is going to be a while.

Perfect for Maine

Solid warm stylish beanie. I'm a fan.

Love it!

Solid hat that I have to fight my wife for!

Knitted Wool Beanie

I love this hat and always wear it after a cold winter trail run!

The Best Hat EVA!

Amazing Hat!!!! I love it!

Recycled Sticker
Matt Baum

Recycled Sticker

Recycled Sticker

Good, high quality decal AND its recycled!!!

Recycled Sticker
Caitlin Swalec

Recycled Sticker

Daytrip 20 L Rolltop Backpack

Recycled Sticker
Michelle Mazzotta
Great Looking Sticker

So stoked on these. Colors are vibrant and the size is perfect.

Recycled Sticker
Stan Healy
Aldri Sur is awesome!

I love it!

My new favorite running hat

Lightweight, low-profile, and lilac…what’s not to love?!

Recycled Sticker
Lou Patterson
Looks great

The sticker is really nice!

Recycled Sticker
Sam Rogers

Very happy to have received two of the ALDRI SUR recycled stickers! Put one on my ice chest and the other one on my ALDRI SUR water bottle. Proud to show my support for an awesome company that sells great products!

awesome hat and super soft!

Awesome Hat!!

This hat fits great and it perfect for all your adventures! The material is super light weight and did great in the summer heat and humidity of the SE

Peaks Trucker Hat
Sarah Ter Har
This hat is now one of my favorites!

The ventilated tech sections keep my head cool and I love the Topo design feature. It’s also made with quality materials and that is very apparent. I’d buy one in every color if there were more options (one day)!

Aldri Sur Topo Hat - Dark Blue

Super Happy! Keep up the great work :)

My wife loved this gift

It’s beauty and brawn in one package! Great aesthetic gift with all the utility. I gave it to my wife for Valentine’s Day, filled with treats at the personal recommendation of the company’s owner, Katie. How’s that for customer service? My wife loved the gift! Thank you Aldri Sur ❤️

Another amazing hat! 2 for 2 on my hat rack

Got this because I love and wear my other AS camper/panel style hat so much I honestly just needed something else to be seen in. And again, it’s just as great. It’s made of sturdy material and has more vertical structure than the Friluft 5-panel — keeps its form perfectly so far after multiple hikes and runs.

Blue Topo Hat

I bought this hat as a Christmas gift for my sister and she loved it!
The service from ALDRI SUR during purchase and shipment was also excellent. I look forward to purchasing again.

Really Warm

The Wool Beanie really does the trick when its cold out. A truly functional piece of gear for cold outings or just to look stylish (and keep your head warm). I would highly recommend it to others.